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demorta, Jul 2, 11 11:39 AM.
  • The guild bank is managed on the honor system. The use of the bank is a privilege, not a right. Access can be revoked at any time.
  • Items removed from the guild bank should be used directly for the character removing the item and should in some way benefit the guild. Withdrawing items to trade or sell will be considered theft.
  • Members are expected to reimburse the guild bank for any items/materials with a fair amount of gold or other contributions over time. If the leadership feels that you are withdrawing a disproportionate quantity or value of items, your access will be removed and you could face removal from The Devils Rejects

Please remember what you take, you should give in return. Let's make this is positive experience for all your guildies.



demorta, May 7, 11 9:27 AM.
  • Please respect each others thoughts and feelings. You may not agree with a comment, however that doesn't give you the freewill to attack someone with insults. We all have a the right to agree to disagree. Attacking other members can lead up to removal from the guild. If you want to share off color jokes, or conversation that may offend people please do it amongst each other in tells. Not everyone may appreciate or share in your type of humor or conversation. Try to keep the swearing down as much as possible please. Children can read these screens, they don't need to see this type of language being used.   
  •  Grammar people DO make spelling, and grammar errors. Nobody is perfect. We do not need to point out the spelling errors of others. It is childish and not needed. Nobody is here to write a dissertation, we can skip pointing out the grammatical errors people make daily.
  • Share resources If another guild member is a outfitter, don't sell off all that cloth you're picking up that you don't need, mail it to them. If you get ore you don't need, send it to a guild member who's a smith. They may pay you back by sending you something useful they've made. What goes around comes around.


  • Play the game If you haven't been on for several weeks and no-one in the guild has heard from you, we'll assume you've stopped playing and probably remove you from the guild. Being a guild with lots of beginners, we get a few folks using trial accounts and there's no point keeping players in the guild if they're not playing because their trial expired. If you do find that you've been removed from the guild after not playing for a while, you can always join again. If you are not active for 30 days without notification, you will be removed.


  • Be willing to help other guild members. If a guild member needs help with a quest and you're in the neighborhood, tag along and give them a hand. Maybe you don't need that particular quest but if you can spare a little time it doesn't hurt - and it will probably be a bit of fun.
  • Problem players? Please report them to Demorta. Also if able provide the chat conversation to back up the problem you are experiencing. We want you to have a great playing experience. YOU DO have the right to put the player on ignore over a personality clash.
  • Questions, comments concerns, please see Demorta. She is more than happy to hear what you would like out of your guild.


demorta, May 5, 11 7:26 AM.
Welcome to The Devils Rejects! You have joined one of the most active groups in Meridian. We grow daily and currently are 150+ strong members. We love to raid,dungeon,pvp,pve,puzzle etc. We are a social, funny, and a helpful guild.  We hope to share a positive and entertaining experience and meet some great gamers! In order to view this page to it's fullest, you will need to create a log in and password. We have all of our vent info in the members only section on this forum.
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We are recruiting all levels and all classes. We are a group of adults who prefer to have a fun time in the game. We are here to help each other out in a fun atmosphere.
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